Commercial Lending

Riar Legal attorneys have counselled both borrowers and lenders in hundreds of commercial lending transactions. Our team of professionals has in-depth experience with virtually every form of financing and type of collateral, including real property, equipment, accounts, securities, and intangible assets. This in-depth experience has enabled Riar Legal Commercial Lending attorneys to work extensively with letter of credit-backed financings and equipment leasing. Our attorneys offer a broad range of services to our lender and borrower clients including negotiating and preparing loan documents, assisting management in developing financing strategies, and structuring collateral to maximize the benefit of a commercial loan transaction.

Riar legal attorneys have counselled clients in the origination of a commercial loan, including documentation and workout matters. Our professionals have handled every type of secured and unsecured financing matter such as the public and private sale of bonds, issuance of convertible debt, and sale/lease-back arrangements. One member of the team previously served as General Counsel for the Bankers Association and in that capacity addressed lending and policy throughout the India.

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