Intellectual Property

The Riar Legal Intellectual Property team believes in learning our client's business objectives and taking the approach to best help them reach their goals through efficient legal representation, creative problem solving, and a superior level of service.

Because knowing the right strategy for the right situation is paramount, we help our clients prepare for and navigate the intellectual property challenges they may face by bringing our experience and critical legal and business tools to the task. For a product launch, this may mean developing a global patent, bringing a trademark portfolio to brand, and positioning the new product. For software developers, it may mean registering copyrights and navigating the complex world of Open Source issues. The Riar Legal Intellectual Property group handles transactional matters to avoid litigation and mitigate risk from intellectual property due diligence for mergers and acquisitions to joint development agreements, cross-licenses, and supply agreements.

We also handle important intellectual property litigation with our client's goals and end-game in mind including representing our clients in the federal courts, contested proceedings in the Patent and Trademark Office, and safeguarding trade secret and enforcing trade secret rights against mis appropriators.

Simply put, the Riar Legal Intellectual Property team strives for seamless integration with clients, whatever their industry from serving our clients in developing high tech software for Connected Cars to developing hardware for Aerospace & Defense vehicles, and bringing potentially life-changing medical devices to market.

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